Concrete Crushing & Recycling

BSECC’s mobile / onsite concrete crushing service allows for huge cost saving on projects as well as improving the environmental friendliness of a project. Reduce transportation costs and new material costs by recycling concrete on site. Existing concrete on a project can be crushed into a designated size range and can be recycled for a wide range uses. BSECC mobile concrete crushing and recycling service is available in Melbourne and all across Victoria.

Recycled Concrete Uses
Crushed / Recycled concrete can be used in a range of areas. Primarily it is used as road base and pipe bedding material. Speak to our experienced team to learn more about its applications.

Cost reduction- Considerable cost savings can be seen in the transportation of importing new material and removing existing concrete as well as saving on the cost of buying new product.

Environmental Advantages- The reduction in transportation requirements save carbon emissions carting material to and from site. Recycling the existing concrete also reduces inout too landfill and saves natural resources being used creating the new material.

Total Service
BSECC provide the plant, personal and expertise to complete the entire concrete recycling process. This includes the following stages:

  • Planning
    BSECC’s experienced team provide advice on plans and strategies to achieve optimum results from a cost and environmental perspective.
    This includes:

    • A consultation on what the crushed / recycled concrete is to be used for and what size it is required to be.
    • Advice on how to best remove any material if required.
  • Preparation
    Utilising a 30-40 Tonne excavator and pulveriser the stockpile of concrete is crushed into smaller sections and large sections of steel are removed from the concrete.
  • Concrete Crushing / Recycling
    The prepared concrete is put through the mobile concrete crusher and crushed to the appropriate size ready for its intended use.
  • Logistics / Concrete Removal
    Any crushed / recycled concrete unwanted onsite is then removed from site by BSECC and taken to a recycling yard.

Based in Melbourne, Adelaide and regional Victoria reduce costs with BSECC’s mobile concrete crushing service.

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